Opportunity for ecumenism

An anonymous commenter said in connection with the SOR demo
Our new breed of Catholic is more interested in discussing the Latin Mass than taking part in something useful like this. This strikes me as a real ecumenical venture what a shame there wasn't a Catholic presence.
The first sentence is, I think, quite unfair. Traditionalists usually form quite a high percentage of the Catholics who attend such demos - this was true last night. Others will just be pro-family, pro-life people, and those from the new movements and religious communities. The common factor is a love for the Church and a loyalty to her moral teaching. Devotees of the old Mass are also very well represented among the supporters of pro-life groups, vigils and charitable work.

But it would be a pity to miss the important point that the commenter makes. This kind of activity is indeed an opportunity for genuine ecumenism. The Peniel Pentecostal Church is thoroughly evangelical protestant in doctrine and practice. They have set us an example by their courageous opposition to the SORs and, for example, to the showing of Jerry Springer the Opera. We need to let them know that whatever our differences, we are one with them on this issue. Perhaps I should also go round and have a chat with my local (strict and particular) Baptist Minister...

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