Experimenting on human persons is simply wrong

Jeff Miller (The Curt Jester) quotes Dr. Markus Grompe, director of Oregon Health & Science University's Stem Cell Center. The good Doctor is a Catholic and insists that ethical principles should be paramount in his work. He accepts that embryonic stem cells might have some advantages: they can be "grown" in unlimited quantities, for example. However, he says
As Catholics, we need to stick to the facts and the truth. The reason we object to embryonic stem-cell research is not because the cells are not good or the adult cells are better. The real reason is that we have moral and ethical objections. We have to stick to our guns. Just because a medical procedure is immoral doesn't mean it will not work.
As Jeff says:
The main point should be that it is simply wrong to use a human person in experiments. Though you can easily understand by the ineffectiveness of ESCR so far has been much touted since it is an easy point to make. Much harder in the current culture to speak of the personhood of the human embryo. It is quite unlikely that in a sound bite society that arguments made by Peter Kreeft in his excellent article Human Personhood Begins at Conception are likely to be heard.
You can read the full article at the following post: I support the church's view on protection of embryonic life.

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