Dust-up over SOR Regs on Sky

On Sky news today, there was a Heated Debate between Bishop Michael Reid and Peter Tatchell. Peter Tatchell is the founder of Outrage!, a gay campaigning group. Bishop Michael Reid is the founder of the Peniel Church in Essex ("Miracles, Healing, Faith") which has a strongly evangelical ethos. They campaigned vigorously against the showing of Jerry Springer, The Opera.

The "debate" became heated with both parties accusing each other of lying. It finished with the presenter having to interrupt a shouting match. Bishop Reid made some very good points. Tatchell was annoyed at his bringing in the matter of Government guidance to schools.

Perhaps the most interesting point is Peter Tatchell's claim that no mainstream religious organisations have supported the campaign against the proposed Sexual Orientation Regulations. Bishop Reid was able to list a number of Anglican Bishops who were attending tonight's demonstration. I would be happy to publicise the attendance of any of our Bishops. If anyone who was there has any information. I would be glad to receive it.

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