Blog tweaking

Enjoyed a challenging and enlightening discussion this evening about this blog. In consequence, I have posted on the sidebar a link to the first post on this blog which explains the title. Near the bottom of the sidebar, there is a partly tongue-in-cheek "Disclaimer (of sorts)". I accept that including a site on the blogroll does imply some sort of endorsement. However, I do need to make it clear that I don't necessarily agree with everything on the blogs that I have linked to.

Similarly, as I have chosen to moderate comments, I have to accept some responsibility for the comments that do get published. However, again, I don't necessarily agree with the content or tone of all of them. What I need to do next is to post something indicating how I decide which comments to publish or reject. I've had something prepared for a while so it is just a question of editing it a bit.

The trouble is: once you start editing the template, it is easy to get carried away. So I have binned the referrer list - that's just a teeny bit of a loose cannon and I'm not sure it is a great help. I've tweaked the headings on the sidebar to make them a dark blue rather than black, and put a subtle little border underneath. Padding and margins are also adjusted slightly to make the sidebar more consistent. I also discovered that the sidebar needed a bit of padding on the right hand side. Then I got to changing the "visited link" colour in the posts - it's a bit less muddy now but still gives a slight visual indication that a link has been visited. Stopped there - this sort of thing can go on for ever...

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