I learn it from a book

On the official site for the 5th World Meeting for Families has this wonderful blurb on the English page for "Fair":
The Fair the International of the Families will be celebrated within the framework of the V World-wide Encounter of the Families.

The Church not only expresses the conceptual frame, “the theory” about the marriage and of the family, but that, mainly, wants to show what “it makes” anywhere in the world in order to join and to spread to the gift of the family like community of life and love and source of human happiness.

One is to offer the opportunity of which the Associations, Organizations and Organizations that work for the family, anywhere in the world, to have a place to show their identity, activities, projects and experience.

In the same way and to all those that wish to visit the contest, there is a unique space where they will be able to enjoy, to play , to learn and to amuse themselves at any moment. A playful zone with authentic proposals so that in family they can play, be amused and be entertained from youngest to elders.
Now I'm off to the playful zone too see if I can get an authentic proposal. If not, I'll find the unique space to amuse myself at that very moment.

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