Evangelium - new catechetical resource

Fr Nick Schofield, over at the Roman Miscellany, tells the welcome news of the publication of Evangelium, a catechetical resource published by the CTS. This was prepared by two young priests, recently ordained from the English College in Rome. I saw the draft and commented that it was absolutely excellent - a comment I am delighted that the CTS have used in their publicity.

The package includes powerpoint presentations and material to help group leaders. The use of powerpoint can be helpful but such enhancements do not make a catechetical programme. What makes this programme stand out is the quality of the content. It follows the structure of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, dealing with the creed, the sacraments, the commandments and prayer. The material is pitched at just the right level for the average parish group.

This is yet another great product from the CTS who have been going from strength to strength. I was glad that they got the licence to produce the Compendium of the Catechism in England - and a fine job they made of that too. If the new English missal is to be restricted by copyright, it would be just for the CTS to get the licence to print that in England and Wales. We could then look forward to having a missal that did not fall apart after six months.

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