Nanny State - Fightback

I received the mailing from Family and Youth Concern today with their new flyer "Respect begins at home - why the Government needs to show parents more respect". Although not explicitly a response to the recent announcement of the national database for children, the campaign addresses all the right issues. Family and Youth Concern is an excellent organisation that has, over the years, consistently fought for the family and for the protection of children. It is no coincidence that one of the founders, Valerie Riches, was herself a social worker.

The leaflet is worth obtaining - join FYC and get on the mailing list. I will quote just one statement from their well presented publicity:
The more the state undermines the authority of parents, the less responsibility parents will be inclined to take for their children. Authority and responsibility go hand in hand. The government can't have it both ways: it can't disempower parents and at thesame time blame them for society's ills. If the government wants parents to take proper responsibility fgor their children, it must first of all respect their authority.
As the leaflet further points out, this applies especially to the policy of providing underage children with contraception and abortion without the knowledge and consent of their parents.

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