St Luke's College - press statement

The following statement was issued to the press on Monday 26 June.

I have today asked the Local Authority to commission an independent investigation into the Leadership and Management of St Luke’s. While this is taking place, the Principal has accepted paid leave from the College. This does not, in any way, prejudge the outcome of the investigation and is a neutral action.

Although the report is not yet officially published the College was recently inspected by OfSTED. We are aware that we are likely to be given a formal “Notice to Improve”.

I have every confidence in the staff who are well equipped to bring about a speedy improvement so that the college can move forward in the weeks and months ahead and all our students can achieve their full potential.

Some recent press coverage of St Luke’s has rather misunderstood the issue surrounding the Catholic ethos at the school. Nobody thinks that the College is “too Catholic”.

There are a many very committed Catholic staff at the College and they support the Catholic life of the College. Non-Catholic staff have also been actively involved in the pastoral and spiritual life of the College.

I am very proud of our staff and students. We all want to solve the present problems and make St Luke’s the vibrant and successful Catholic College that we know it can be.

I am grateful to the Local Authority for their timely and effective assistance.

Fr Timothy Finigan

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