Last evening, surrounded by wires, I counted up the various chargers that I have brought with me. Mobile phone/MDA, laptop, camera batteries, camcorder battery. The camcorder is quite neat – pictured here next to the software CD that came with it. Still photo resolution is up to 10 Megapixels so it will be fine for odd pics here and there. If we have a sunny day this week, I’ll take out the big camera which has a much better lens.

Yesterday evening there were intermittent showers. I did what I usually do in Lourdes and bought a cheap umbrella (6 euros). However that didn’t last long. Up on the esplanade, I was taking a couple of clips of the beginning of the torchlight procession when a gust of wind totalled it – metal spike falling off, that sort of thing.

The coach journey from Toulouse Airport was a full two hours so we only arrived at the hotel just in time for dinner, followed by a quick check-in and then over to the Domaine.

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