Universal Living Rosary Association of St Philomena

A correspondent has sent me a link for the Universal Living Rosary Association of St Philomena, founded by Ven Pauline Marie Jaricot who was cured at Mugnano through the intercession of St Philomena.

A member of the Association undertakes to pray a decade of the Rosary every day - decades are assigned as fifteen new members join up.

The website gives the following summary:
This is a "perpetual" rosary. That is, you accept to pray your daily mystery faithfully for the remainder of your life. These obligations do not bind under pain of sin, but your effort and desire to remain faithful are necessary. Your decade may be offered at any time of the day or night. A regular quarterly newsletter, "Dedicated Decades," is posted to every member.
The intentions of the Association are:
The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the honor of St. Philomena our patroness and protectress.
There are currently over a million members of the Association around the world. The UK promoter of the Universal Living Rosary is Anne Curran: curran.family@hotmail.com

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