Devotions and wifi

Confession made (absolution received & penance accepted & completed), several large candles lit (paid for first, of course), mortal frame fittingly shocked by dunking in baths (prayers said in Latin), dunking Brancardiers duly blessed, Breviary finished, Grotto visited, rock venerated, ground kissed, water drunk, Rosary Basilica visited... so time for a little blogging.

An enquiry earlier at the tourist office opposite the parish Church was rewarded with a list of locations of internet cafés and wifi hotspots. A big "heads up" to the Café Le Carrefour, just round the corner from the Hotel - it has free wifi. Outstanding! Glad I bought the laptop with me.

There are two big English pilgrimages here this week: Birmingham and Middlesborough. So far, I have met Fr Greg Hogan and Fr John Paul Leonard. Fr William Massie is lurking around somewhere as well...

Being a priest in the square in front of the Basilicas means being on fairly constant "blessing duty." I met two ladies from New York today and blessed their statues and rosaries. Owl of the Remove tells me that there is a group of 40 people from Burlington, Vermont, with their Vicar General here on Pilgrimage. I'll look out for them.

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