Nova et Vetera

Fr Justin has a new blog Nova et Vetera. In his profile, he says that Fr Justin is not his real name but a way of being able to say what he really wants to. He has a post today "The Reign of Terroir" in which he explains his distaste for New World Chardonnay. He also explains how to make it:
Now, if you like New World Chardonnay (and why not? some people even like Harvey's Bristol Cream), you can make your own. Take one bottle (or more) of white wine. Use a chardonnay grape if you like, but it won't make much difference by the end. Uncork it, and leave it in the garage for five years or so. Now, brush off the cobwebs, and pour all the wine into a large saucepan. Reduce it by half. Add several large spoons of golden syrup. If the resultant mixture is too gloopy, you could always top it up with water, I suppose. The colour should be like old urine. Now, export it to the French and see what they say.

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