New archive at the VEC

On Wednesday evening, Charles and I were at the Venerable English College in the Via Monserrato for Mass and dinner. There was a large group of priests at Mass and the Sisters of Mercy who are celebrating their 150th anniversary this year. There was also a chance to say a brief "Hallo" to Fr Philip Whitmore. He and I were contemporaries at Oxford and he is now an official at the Secretariat of State.

Mgr Nicholas Hudson, the Rector, was a perfect host as ever. He and I were at the College at the same time - it is strange to think that it is now 27 years since I started there.

After dinner, Nick kindly gave us a tour of the newly restored Third Library and the new facilities for the storage of the College's important archives. The Third Library is absolutely magnificent. I will post a photo when I get back. I have happy memories of organising a Latin evening there with Fr Reginald Foster when I was a student.

Fr Charles is the diocesan archivist for Southwark and has a particular interest in Mgr George Talbot. He knows the College archives well and was in Rome not too long ago for the official opening celebrations.

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