Down's syndrome and the dark forces

It was at the exhibition in Lourdes dedicated to Jérôme Lejeune that I first found out the horrible statistic that in Britain 90% of all children with trisomy are now killed before birth. It is routine to offer pregnant women one or other pre-natal test for Down's syndrome with the sole purpose of offering an abortion if the test is positive.

Here's a story. The parents of a severely handicapped child made a heartfelt case for the child to be given a merciful death. The Government agreed and then set up a committee to register such serious disabilities and to allow others a legal route to end the suffering of such children.

Shortly afterwards, the ministerial department required health care professionals to report cases of severely disabled children under three years of age. It was particularly stressed that children with Down's syndrome or hydrocephaly should be included in the statistics.

Some Catholic parents were suspicious of this initiative. The Government told the parents that their children were being sent to "Special Sections" where they would receive appropriate care. They were in fact killed by lethal injection but the parents were told that the child had died of pneumonia. Samples were taken from cerebral matter for further research so the parents were reassured that their children's lives were not in vain.

Actually, this is a true story. See Action T4

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