Met Fr Z at last!

Fr Z has already posted (Supper with the Hermeneutic of Continuity) about our very enjoyable dinner last night at Da Fortunato, an excellent restaurant he recommended. It struck me that perhaps we should set up a joint blog called "What does the Hermeneutic really mean?" :-)

One thing that we agreed is that blogging and other means of communication through the internet make it possible to meet people who would otherwise be unknown to us. We both have friends all over the globe that we have not met face to face and it is always a joy to have an opportunity to meet up as at this evening's gathering.

It was a lovely Roman evening which reminded me and Fr Charles very much of our time here over twenty years ago. A warm breeze, lively crowds of young people, good Roman food and wine and a pleasant stroll after dinner taking in some of the finest views in the world. On his blog, Fr Z has a photo of the Pantheon and the oblelisk with a full moon in the sky behind.

My photos will have to wait until I get home, I think.

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