Roman secrets and lies

No, I'm not really going to tell you any lies - that would be a sin, of course. But by now I know that some of you will be screaming at me to say if there is any news about the Motu Proprio. I could pretend to have some well-informed sources and stir things up a bit but to be honest, it's a big nada on that one as you should really expect. It's done, as far as anyone knows, it is going to be issued - and that will happen as and when the Holy Father decides.

For the rest, it is always interesting to hear what people say who live here - those who are teaching and studying at the universities in the City. I think I could sum up my thoughts by saying that it has all reminded me to pray for the Holy Father every day.

St Vincent Ferrer pointed out that in the case of the Holy Father, prayer takes on the particular character of communication with his immediate superior.

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