Faith Council photos

After borrowing Fr Hugh MacKenzie's computer to look at various items of interest including the extraordinary "laugh or cry" video of the yodelling priest singing the Collect at Mass (see this page and scroll down to "Der Kollekten-Jodler"), three of us posed for a bloggers' photo.

(L-R) Sir Dan of the Nesbitry, me, Richard Marsden of Bashing Secularism)

Sir Dan doesn't have a blog himself but is an avid follower and discerning critic of Catholic blogs. He also keeps up with the statistics for the Faith Movement website. This has improved vastly under the diligent care of Brian O'Gorman. He is keeping up a large archive of articles from the Faith Magazine, the text of our pamphlets and mp3 files of the talks at various events. Our policy is to make these all available free of charge - we are interested in using the internet to evangelise.

The picture below shows (L-R) Ann McCallion who is our indefatigable conference organiser, Paul Butcher who handles the sale and distribution of the Faith Magazine (congratulations on the recent birth of his 5th child), Fiorella Nash who organises events at Cambridge, and is a sterling pro-life worker (expecting her 2nd child), and Fr William Massie who is a parish priest in Middlesborough Diocese and edits the Faith Book Reviews section. (I have promised him a review of After Asceticism.)

The meeting was hosted at St Mary Magdalen's, Willesden Green by Fr Hugh MacKenzie who is seen here (right) with Fr Dylan James who recently returned from Rome after completing his doctorate in moral theology, studying the personhood of the embryo.

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