FA Cup Final

I just realised that the FA Cup Final was today. Completely passed me by, I'm afraid. Chelsea beat Manchester United 1-0 after extra time. As a Palace fan in my youth with Milwall second best (I used to go and watch them when I was in Camberwell) I wouldn't normally want Chelsea to win anything. But I'm glad they beat Man-U. The match was in the new Wembley Stadium.

By all accounts, I didn't miss much. Whalley's World of Sport has a six word summary of the match: "DROGBA scored. Chelsea won. Terrible match."

Shot to Nothing has FA Cup Final in quotes from the commentators John Motson and Mark Lawrenson
“Sorry we’re a bit quiet, it’s just that there’s nothing to talk about…” - 30 mins

“Maybe the grass is too long and it’s affecting the play…” - 42 mins

“Any body bored yet?” end of 1st period of Extra Time.
But I think the best comment has to be Whalley:
Today's FA Cup final was the closest I have ever seen a football match get to an episode of Hollyoaks. If you've never seen Hollyoaks (you've probably never lived with a woman under 35), it consists entirely of a lot of very glamorous people constantly arguing with each other about nothing.
If you want to see some real football, featuring Stan Mortenson and Stanley Matthews, here is a Pathe film about the 1948 Cup Final when Man-U beat Blackpool. There are some great moments here "Sun warms the stadium as 100,000 spectators settle themselves for an afternoon's enjoyment as the King greets the players with a friendly handshake", "Blackpool kick orf" etc.

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