Rue du Bourg

One of the most interesting streets in the town above the Domaine in Lourdes is the Rue du Bourg which cuts across from the Rue de la Grotte almost to the Boulevard de la Grotte. At the southern end, there is a shop with antiquarian books including some devotional books in French from the early 20th century and one or two from the 19th century. On the same side a few yards further along there is the English bookshop which is always worth a visit.

A little further along and across the road is the Pro Life Centre, one of the Permanences – permanent establishments each a with particular pastoral focus.

From there I went to visit the lovely parish Church. Tomorrow promises to be a sunny day so if that turns out to be the case, I will go round with the big camera and take some more photos, particularly of the Church and points of interest around the Domaine.

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