BBC bias article

Fiorella has reminded me that she did some extensive work analysing the BBC programme Sex in the Holy City which I mentioned in the post Can We Trust the BBC - 1.

Her article is in pdf format and is downloadable from this page at the SPUC website. It looks particularly at:
  • Allegations made, particularly the use of unreferenced figures and case studies
  • The use of slanted language and interview tactics
  • The omission of information
  • The use of negative stereotypes
It is incontrovertibly demonstrated that in this programme the BBC breached its own guidelines.

The BBC's response to an initial complaint was:
The BBC programme complaints unit concluded its response to SPUC by finding that “the programme supported its claims with properly researched and journalistically sound examples” and could “find no grounds for upholding your complaint against this programme.”
There is a good example to illustrate Robin Aitken's claim that the BBC knows it can slough off complaints because it is difficult to give evidence of bias and they know that normally no hard evidence will be forthcoming.

But what happens when there is hard evidence in the form of a 30 page dossier investigating a programme? What was the BBC's response to Fiorella's evidence?

Errr. No response.

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