Global warning denial: the eternal consequences

Do you "gamble with the survivability of the planet" on the basis of your doubts about global warming? Then you're in danger of being warmed up globally - in hellfire! According to the Tablet, such gambling is "gravely sinful" and global warming denial is "morally wrong". (As we all know, if you die in a state of grave sin, you go straight down the 'ot place. - cf. CCC 1035)

Tablet: Editorial, 10 March 2007 "Ethics of Global Warming" for those who get the print edition (I don't.) Article 9460 for online subscribers (I'm not.)

I was alerted to this fearful consequence of political incorrectness by an email I received with the text of a letter sent to the editor of

You may be interested to know that the Tablet, an "international Catholic weekly" of liberal bent, has declared that presuming against man-made global warming in favour of development is "gravely sinful", and that denial of global warming is "morally wrong"! And this is from a journal which regularly resists papal infallibility and attacks the Church for its condemnations of moral evils!


Anthony Ozimic
More on global warming from - "all the junk that's fit to debunk."

Now I must compose an article setting out the arguments in favour of gradualism and proportionalism for global warming deniers. In a given life situation, global warming denial may be the only realistic option for a person trapped in the cycle of hypothesis, evidence, testing, peer review and re-evaluation. In their circumstances, surely, global warming denial can be seen as a step on the way to a fuller understanding of the environment?

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