Queen equates cohabitation with marriage

The Independent reports today (Queen's Royal approval for 'living in sin') on the invitation cards sent to peers for this year's Garden Parties. The form includes a note "NB living with partner = married."

UK Commentators draws attention to the Coronation Oath in which her was asked:
Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel ?

Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law ?

Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England ?

After promising to do so, she solemnly swore with her hand upon the gospels:
"The things which I have here promised, I will perform, and keep. So help me God."
UPDATE: As a blogger, I would always want to observe the proper form of the "new media" and correct anything that is wrong. It seems from my commenters here that a different slant on this story would be that Her Majesty wished to prevent cohabiting children of peers from attending the Garden Party as if they were single. If that is so, the "cohabiting=married" note certainly takes on a different hue. If this is the case, I readily proffer my sincere apologies to Her Majesty for my treasonable comments.

(However, the aide who phrased the note in that way should surely be reprimanded for his/her failure to spot the obvious misinterpretation that could be made of the sovereign's will.)

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