Sex-ed programme slammed by Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has published an article highlighting the appalling Channel 4 sex-education programme "Living and Growing." Here is the article: Outcry over explicit sex education video shown to five-year-olds.

I posted before on this assault on the innocence of children (Sex-ed: pouring petrol on the fire). I apologise for the following quotations but one of the problems with this sort of material is that nobody wants to say what is actually contained in it. The secrecy protects those who deliver the programme and puts children at risk. So in case you think I am exaggerating, here are a couple of example quotes:

From Unit 1, Programme 1 (for 5-7 year olds)
What is the difference between a boy and a girl – very little except … “there is one big difference … all girls, or females, have two special parts. They have a clitoris which feels like a small bump, it doesn’t stick out much. It can sometimes get hard and feels nice when you touch it …”.
From Unit 2 Programme 2 (for 7-9 year olds)
[Boy]: “I heard some boys talking about wanking, what’s that about?”
[Teenager]: You might get told off for using that word: ‘wanking’, it’s slang, masturbation is the proper term for it. Don’t worry about it, most people do it”
[TV Doctor]: “When your penis gets hard it tingles, it makes you want to touch it and rub it. When you get older and you rub it you’ll have an orgasm. That’s masturbation, that white semen you lose in wet dreams spurts out the end of your penis. It’s a nice feeling, it does you no harm and is perfectly normal”
The Daily Mail article refers to several Community Schools (i.e. non-religious) where parents have complained about these materials being shown to their children.

Incredibly, these materials have also been used in Catholic schools. The Pro-Life Times, produced by SPUC in September 2006 drew attention to the plight of Stan and Patricia Wocial who complained unsuccessfully against the use of the Channel 4 programme at the Catholic school their children attended, St William of York, Forest Hill.

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