Channel 4 sex propaganda

Tomorrow night, the programme Let's Talk Sex will be repeated on Channel 4 (first shown in March last year). It will be broadcast at 8pm (an hour before the "watershed") and pushes the tired and utterly discredited line that teenage pregnancy will be reduced by more sex education.

The programme will be presented by Davina McCall. Her authority in this area is presumably based on her being a presenter of Big Brother. Davina will take you (and your children) on a visit to a Dutch sex education class where children as young as four are taught about homosexuality and shown cartoons of various sex acts. Also featured is that tried and trusted method of preventing teenage pregnancy: unrolling a condom over a prosthetic sex aid.

The Channel 4 website has this deeply moving assessment of the presenter's lone stand against the forces of reaction:
In Let's Talk Sex, Davina McCall takes on the establishment over the crisis of teen pregnancies and spiralling rates of sexually transmitted infections in the UK. It's time for Britain to be brave, she says, and for sex and relationships education to become compulsory.
The "establishment" that she is so courageously taking on is presumably the London-metro British establishment that is so anti sex-education and pro-chastity. Aren't you just in awe at her bravery?

Sadly, propaganda of the Let's Talk Sex type not only leads to more teenage pregnancies but also further exacerbates the epidemic of sexually transmitted infections among teenagers.

The website includes the hackneyed argument about Dutch teenage pregnancy rates being low because of sex education. This article from Family and Youth Concern blew that one apart four years ago.

Below is a linked image to a publicity photo for Big Brother with colleague Dermot O'Leary. I hope it will help parents to decide whether this woman is a good person to trust to give advice to their teenage daughters:

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