Amy Curran RIP

Of your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of Amy Curran, one of my young parishioners, who was killed in a road traffic accident on the morning of New Year's day. Please also say a prayer for Amy's mother Linda, her father Tom and her brother Nick in their loss.

Please also remember in your prayers Amy’s friends, Georgina Fox and Joe Wallis who were also killed, as well as Matthew Faith and Chloe Dunne who were injured in the accident. Amy, Georgina, and Chloe were in Year 11 (age 15-16) at St Thomas More school; their friends there and elsewhere also need our prayers and support. Amy’s funeral will be held here at Our Lady of the Rosary and the details will be finalised early next week.

I gave Amy her first Holy Communion and helped her prepare for Confirmation. Say a prayer for me too because this is all heartbreaking and the funeral will be a heavy burden. I heard the news of this tragedy while away at the Faith Winter Conference and said a private Mass for them as well as asking the celebrant at the principal Mass on Friday to offer Mass for the young people who had died. My parishioners, God bless them, will arrange many Masses to be said for the youngsters.

(The car accident was featured in many press reports in the UK. If you have read them I can clarify one or two things. The accident was indeed a collision with a bus. However the police have said that it is not true that the bus was "pushed back 4 feet." Nor is there any indication that the car in which the young people were travelling was being driven in excess of the speed limit.)

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