Back from connectivity black hole

Sincere apologies for the discontinuity of the blog since Tuesday; I have been away at the Winter Conference of the Faith Movement at Stonyhurst. Last year, there were computers available to use but this year the network was blocked with no access to the internet. The notice said that it was preparation time - this expression, often shortened to "prep" means time for private study at English Public (i.e. top, private, fee-paying) Schools. I hope fairly soon to get something that uses the new mobile broadband that is coming onstream and then I should be less reliant on facilities at conference centres.

As I have been driving for several hours back down from Lancashire, this is just a brief "proof of life". I'll have to leave it to tomorrow to post some news, analysis and photos of the Conference as well as one or two other items picked up from others at the Conference and via the mobile device. I've checked all the comments and posted them all up - thank you all for your patience and sorry for the delay.

The Faith Conference was a great success and it was good to catch up with many bloggers and readers as well as news from the excellent gathering of clergy from all over Britain. Sir Dan of the Nesbitry was on fine form with two particularly robust and incisive comments on early medieval Church history and the lack of balance in Government health warnings.

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