Newman book launch at Birmingham Oratory

I was meant to be at the Birmingham Oratory today for the launch of a new book on John Henry Newman by James Arthur and Fr Guy Nicholls in the Continuum Library of Educational Thought. Archbishop Nichols spoke at the launch as well as Fr Paul Watson of the Maryvale institute. Unfortunately, a very long-standing parishioner died a short while ago and it was important for me to be here to celebrate her funeral. (Please say a prayer for Lala Whitman, and for her husband Bob and their family.)

According to the description on Amazon, the book offers an account of Newman's educational thought, giving an intellectual biography, a critical exposition of Newman's work and a discussion of the reception, influence and relevance of Newman's work today. At £71 it is probably a bit pricey for some but it would be an important addition for many libraries.

I was sorry to have missed this event and the opportunity to catch up with many friends. I will have to arrange another visit to Birmingham before too long. Jackie Parkes has a collection of photos of the launch at Catholic mom of 10. Here is one showing the two distinguished authors.

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