Catholic Woman of the Year 2008 nominations open

This event is held each year and it would be good if the Catholic blogosphere were involved in submitting nominations.

You are warmly invited to nominate some one as a Catholic Woman of the Year for 2008. The organisers of the 40th Catholic Women of the Year Luncheon are looking for “unsung heroines” - women who are good neighbours and active in the community, care for the sick and housebound, work to pass on the Catholic Faith to the next generation, raise funds for charity, speak up for moral truths and family values, or in some other way serve God and the Church. Anyone can be nominated – all that is necessary is to write a letter to the Chairman, 22 Milton Rd WARE Herts SG12 0PZ or email with a few paragraphs about the person you are nominating. Make sure you give her full name and also your own full name and address. Nominations close on April 30th.

The Luncheon – a special one for this 40th anniversary - will be held on Friday October 10th in London and funds raised will go to YOUTH 2000.

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