Small mercies...?

I must confess to a "Bah! Humbug!" moment when reading this headline from Zenit:


Well whoopee! At least it is not further away. Perhaps we'll only have to use the current woefully inaccurate, theologically dubious, spiritually impoverished so-called "translation" for another couple of years or so. Its all very well poodling around with grey books, white books and green books. I have to use the ghastly red book most days (i.e. when I am not saying Mass in Latin.) As a reminder, here is the graphic put together by Fr Stephanos illustrating a point I made about a particularly bad section of the present translation of the Canon:

I suppose that using the current stage of the translation of the Roman Canon ad experimentum in the meantime would be out of the question? Sorry, I forgot; we have been told that it would be wrong to correct this utter garbage without "sufficient catechetical materials intended to aid the reception of the new translation".

Seeing the Zenit headline got me thinking that it would be dignum et iustum if this tortoise-like progress were finally rewarded by immediate obsolescence. I piously hope that by the time the books with the new translation are actually published, the Church will already have reverted wholesale to Latin. Usquequo Domine oblivisceris nos in finem? (Ps 12.1)

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