Promo video for St Gregory's Academy

St Gregory's Academy is a school run by the FSSP in North Eastern Pennsylvania. Here is a clip which gives the first four and a half minutes of their promotional video:

This is how the Academy summarises the education it offers:
In order to engage the imagination as the foundation for higher intellectual activity, St. Gregory’s students read some of the world’s best literature and history, memorize poetry and songs, and participate in a wide variety of cultural activities. The Academy boys have themselves given vocal and theatrical performances throughout the area and at the school. Reasoning skills are cultivated by means of such courses as Euclidean geometry, physics, and classical logic. Academic and cultural activities are balanced by soccer, rugby, hiking, camping and other physical activities, all of which build the body while at the same time providing pleasurable recreation. However, the center of life at St. Gregory’s Academy is our religion. Our students study, work, and live in an environment steeped in the spiritual and intellectual tradition of the Catholic Faith. At St. Gregory’s Academy, our students find more than simply an education, but also a way of life.
And here is a post I wrote on the Civitas book The Corruption of the Curriculum which analyses a ... different approach to education.

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