Send stuff to Sisters of the Gospel of Life

The Sisters of the Gospel of Life have the following appeal on their blog:
Due to unprecedented demand we have a severe shortage of prams and buggies, which we desperately need over the next few days.

If you’re in the Glasgow area and have a pram or buggy, in good condition, that you no longer need, please do consider donating it to us. We have a number of women whose due dates are imminent and are in particular need of prams or buggies suitable from birth onwards.

We’re also in serious need of baby baths.
Now many of us don't live in the Glasgow area. But all of us using the internet can go to a baby-stuff site and type in the numbers from that little plastic thing we have in our wallets, and put the delivery address as:

Sisters of the Gospel of Life
106 Dixon Ave
G42 8EL

This is called almsgiving. You get grace and at least a partial indulgence if you have even a habitual intention. The Sisters get a bit of help and encouragement in their work, and a mother who has resisted pressure to "terminate" gets something nice and new for her baby. So who loses? Come on! Let's give these people some help! My parishioners were more than generous with the Christmas offering so I just sent over the pink & grey "Zooper". That sounds fun :-)

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