Missa Cantata at Blackfen

For some time, the Saturday morning Mass in my parish has been celebrated in the Classical Roman Rite. I have a number of boys and young men who have now become confident with the ceremonies of the Low Mass and are eager to learn a little more.

Jonathan Hague and Andrew Bosi have kindly offered to arrange things so that we can celebrate this Saturday Mass as a Missa Cantata once a month and today was our first opportunity.

The servers were great even though this was their first time serving a Missa Cantata without the aid of a company of seasoned Latin Mass Society people. Jonathan drilled everyone well and although there were one or two hesitations (myself included), we are in a position to run things more smoothly next time. (This will be at 10.30am on Saturday 2 February, the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We will have the blessing of candles and procession - all are welcome.)

The Schola sang a number of extra pieces as well as the propers and Mass XIV. After Mass we had Benediction with the Te Deum, followed by the Marian Anthem.

Following all that, we repaired to the excellent Robin Hood and Little John in Bexleyheath for some real ale and pub food. The books being held up (the Liber Usualis and a "Cricket and Real Ale" are intended in Chestertonian fashion to show three things most worthy of celebration in life.

Photos: Mulier Fortis

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