"We don't need your steenking Christian families"

If you rely on something other than the mainstream media for your news, you may have heard of the rally in Spain just after Christmas, at which over a million people gathered to express their support for the family; and how the Government - incredibly - asked the Bishops to apologise for the rally. ("Gosh, Mr Government, I'm really sorry that in a modern democracy so many people turned out onto the streets to support something you don't like.")

LifeSite reports some further follow-up on this as Jose Blanco, Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Worker's Party asked the Pope and hierarchy, asking them "to explain to me just exactly what is the Christian family, maybe by traditional family he means that the woman just stays at home and does housework." ("Gosh, Mr Blanco, I really hope I can be as witty and incisive as you one day.")

Prime Minister Zapatero has rolled out another knee-jerk anti-Catholic jibe by asking why the Bishops did not criticise the anti-family policies of the right wing Populist Party when they were in power. (Err... actually they did. Repeatedly.)

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