Two new blogs

A good friend of mine from Oxford days, Joseph Sowerby, has started writing Catholic Commentary. Joseph is a Physics teacher and branch secretary for one of the teaching unions. He had an interesting post the other day concerning a visit to the synagogue and a Rabbi's unhesitating affirmation that "When we stand up to pray, we all face the same way, towards the East" (Facing East). Today, he comments on School tips on anti-gay bullying. Joseph's wide range of interests and experience will make his blog one to watch.

Fr David Barrett, a priest of Northampton Diocese and formerly Bishop's Chaplain there, is spending some time in Rome, staying at the Casa Santa Maria where he is researching for a doctoral thesis on St Hilary of Poitiers. I am delighted to hear that he is studying Latin with Fr Reginald Foster - and collecting some Reggie sayings. He is also writing a blog called Hilariter. Although this is not a daily updated blog, it will be worth keeping an eye on for pictures of Rome and Italy as well as for posts like Bah Bah See in which succinctly captures the bias of Auntie Beeb.

From Fr Barrett's blogroll I came across Peregrinus by Fr Avram, a priest of Sacramento who is another priest staying at the Casa which is worth a visit for the Header picture alone.

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