Back from Rome

Arriving back in the presbytery, even after a four day holiday, means a mountain of post to deal with. I was surprised and pleased to see that the box from Gammarelli's, containing the new green vestments, has already arrived. I'll let the altar servers open that tomorrow.

It is odd to think that only this morning I made a last visit to the tomb of St Peter to gain the indulgence. Returning through London via the new Terminal 5 (more about that sometime) I thank God for getting us home safely. England was a rude awakening as we were treated to a piece of "advertorial" in favour of Barack Obama, courtesy of BBC news 24.

I did say that I don't post recommendations for restaurants but I have to tell you about La Barca, a wonderful fish restaurant on the corner of the Borgo Angelico and the Via del Falco, near the Borgo Pio. If you like seafood, this is really worth a visit.

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