I am now an aardvark

The other day, I wrote about Bishop O'Donoghue's letter to the Catholic Caring Services of Lancaster (More from Lancaster). The day after the Bishop's Letter, the Catholic Caring Services offered a curious response.
The new legislation has posed difficulty for the Church as it would appear to some to challenge the Church’s views on marriage.
The "some" here include the Holy Father, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Bishop O'Donoghue. The Sexual Orientation Regulations do not "appear to challenge" Catholic teaching on marriage, they flatly contradict it.

The press statement asserts that the charity has taken legal advice, undergone extensive consultation and "discernment". Despite this, it does not seem to be able to offer any answer at all to the suggestions offered by Bishop O'Donoghue based upon his consultation with lawyers, moral theologians, and those involved in adoption.

Jim Cullen, Chief Executive of the Charity, said:
“So our work continues. We will remain a Catholic Charity, operating the same services, with the same staff, same values and same ethos."
This is a peculiar use of the word "Catholic". There seems to be a fashion according to which people think that they can define themselves as Catholic without any reference to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

So I will try this out. Although I am a human being by nature, I consider that in this universe of the Cartesian self, I can define myself to be whatever I choose. Therefore from now, I am an aardvark. Does this work?

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