A Pope blog?

Zenit reports that Agnes Lam, president of the Catholic Biblical Association of Hong Kong and a lay auditor at the Synod of Bishops, as suggested that the Holy Father should start a blog. (See: A blogging Benedict XVI)

This is an absolutely top hole idea. Let me just say that if the Holy Father needs an editor/dogsbody for his blog, I'm happy to oblige ;-)

Fr Z suggests that some of the Bishops were asking their neighbours "What's a blog?" You could imagine a Private Eye style dialogue:
Mr Justice Cocklecarrot: What is a blog?

Counsel for the prosecution (Messrs Sue Grabbit and Runne): A blog M'Lud, is a series of articles posted on the internet in reverse chronological order

Mr Justice Cocklecarrot: What is the internet?

Counsel for the prosecution: The internet M'Lud is like a series of tubes ... (etc ad nauseam)
The Curt Jester has a fun post up about this too: Blogger of the Universal Church. He has this picture and caption:

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