Cry for help from Iraqi Christians

Iraqi Christians in Need (ICIN) is a charity set up to help needy Iraqi Christians who have been suffering, displaced, destitute or persecuted as a result of the war. The other day, the Times reported on the "religious cleansing" that has recently escalted in the country.

ICIN reports that the crisis in Mosul (Nineveh) is becoming increasingly desperate and that
During the past few days, many Christians have been killed in Mosul, just because they are Christians. Several thousands have fled their houses and took refuge in Churches in the city and nearby mountains.
In response, ICIN has made a substantial donation from its reserve and will send this, together with what is received from the “Crisis in Mosul Fund”, directly to those in Mosul who are taking care of the displaced.

If you would like to support this appeal, here is a link to donate by credit card.

Dr Suha Rassam, one of the founders of the charity, recently received a "Catholic Woman of the Year" award and has also spoken this week at the London Oratory on the plight of Iraqi Christians.

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