Is the Vatican listening to Blackfen?

Not long after I started celebrating the usus antiquior more freely in Blackfen, on the advice of the late Michael Davies that a commission of Cardinals had agreed that no permission was needed, rumours started flying round about a Motu Proprio which proved in the event to be well-founded when the Holy Father said that the older form of the Mass had never been abrogated and that consequently no permission was in fact necessary.

I started to say some of the older prayers during the newer form of the Mass such as the prayers at the incensing of the altar. Then Pope Benedict started doing the same thing.

Only a couple of weeks ago, we decided to drop the Children's Eucharistic Prayer from the 9am Mass. Now I find that Catholic Culture reports that: Vatican will drop Eucharistic Prayers for Children.

I think I need to find out who in our congregation is having tea regularly with Pope Benedict and passing on hints for action. Can I gently suggest allowing the older offertory prayers as an option in the Novus Ordo? ;-)

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