Una Voce report on SP implementation

Many thanks to Jane at Thoughts from an Oasis in French Catholicism for news of a report compiled by the International Una Voce Federation concerning the application of Summorum Pontificum during the year since its promulgation. At the French Una Voce website, you can download the original French text.

Jane has generously spent time writing a number of posts, translating and analysing various sections of the report. These will, of course, be particularly helpful if you cannot read the French original. (I hope that perhaps the Una Voce Federation will make available an English translation of this important document.)

The report is written expressely to give the Holy Father information from the laity, pointing out frankly that in the past, reports from Bishops have failed to give a true reflection of the desire of the faithful for the traditional liturgy.

The report accurately describes the varied character of responses to Summorum Pontificum and lists some Bishops who have been particularly positive. It also points out that there has been some opposition to the expressed will of the Holy Father and that in some places, there is even a fear among priests that being associated with the traditional liturgy will have negative consequences.

The report is balanced and moderate in tone; it offers a helpful contribution to the assessment of progress in implementing the Motu Proprio one year on. Una Voce intend to offer reports after the next two years as well.

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