Good news for Northern Ireland's babies

Abortion plans for Northern Ireland abandoned due to peace process. Pro-abortion MPs had been planning to table amendments to the HFE bill that would legalise abortion in Northern Ireland. They have been tipped off by ministers that this could upset the peace process. Unfortunately, there are still plans to try to make abortion easier in the rest of the UK. Mark Pritchard MP said:
"The decision appears to be more about extending the political life of the Prime Minister - rather than the Government extending the lives of the unborn.

It appears ministers are still determined to introduce 'drive-thru' abortions where mothers can bypass the advice of their local GP, drive straight to their local clinic and place an order for an abortion."
As the Telegraph reports, opposition to abortion is one area in which the Nationalists and Unionists in Northern Ireland agree.

Of course, the Family Planning Association is still campaigning for abortion in Northern Ireland against the wishes of the people there.

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