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Lancaster Diocese has just launched a new website. The old one wasn't bad, actually, but this one ties things in rather better with lots of the key information on the front page. (Incidentally, the new one is which replaces the old "")

One of the most important items which I have not yet got round to mentioning is Bishop O'Donoghue's letter to the Catholic Caring Services of Lancaster. Here is a link to the text of the letter.

The Trustees of the Lancaster Caring Services have voted to go along with the Sexual Orientation Regulations and accept gay and lesbian couples as suitable adoptive parents. Bishop O'Donoghue has responded by explaining the Church's teaching "as bishop and pastor", by insisting that the charity cannot unilaterally change its nature, and advising the trustees to seek an exemption from the SORs under Regulation 18.

He makes it clear that if they insist on considering adoptions from same-sex couples, he will inform the Charities Commission that the CCS Lancaster is no longer considered to be a Catholic charity, and will be required to change its name.

Most significantly, Bishop O'Donoghue says:
Catholic Caring Services will be required to discontinue any association with Catholic churches, parishes, schools or other Catholic organisations or societies, and Catholic Caring Services will no longer be entitled to the benefit of any Diocesan collections.
Furthermore, the leases on the three properties currently occupied by the CCS will be reviewed, and the diocese will:
Review the receipt and usage of past and future legacies and/or bequests made in favour of Catholic Caring Services and determine whether it is appropriate for any past legacies and/or bequests to be repaid to the diocese or future legacies/bequests to be retained by the Diocese.

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