New options for the end of Mass

The revised Editio Typica Tertia of the Missale Romanum was printed last week. I expect that there has been a serious attempt to correct the many misprints in the last printing. One new feature is to add three options for the end of Mass in addition to "Ite missa est." The new options are:
"Ite ad Evangelium Domini nuntiandum"
"go to announce the Gospel of the Lord"
"Ite in pace, glorificando vita vestra Dominum"
"go in peace, glorifying the Lord with your lives"; and simply, 
"Ite in pace" with "alleluia, alleluia" added during Easter season.
"go in peace (alleluia, alleluia)."
Fr Z comments acerbically "Because we really need more options." I agree with his take on this but would add the question I wrote about a year ago: Why choose a particular text?

What criteria will a priest use to choose which of the dismissals to use? Will he plan the choice with a Liturgy Committee? Will he assess the options in the light of the scripture readings for the day? Or will he simply decide along the lines of "We had that one yesterday."?

Michael Davies once pointed out that the number of options in the Novus Ordo mean that a priest could say Mass every day of his life without every using the same combinations twice. The CDW have now multiplied the number of permutations by four.

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