Joanna Bogle on St John Southworth

Joanna Bogle (Aunty Joanna) is giving a talk on St John Southworth and the English Martyrs at Westminster Cathedral Hall at 6.30pm on Thursday 23 October (a couple of days before the anniversary of the canonisation of the 40 English Martyrs in 1970).

After the talk, there will be prayers by candelight at the shrine of St John Southworth in the Cathedral, led by one of the chaplains. There will be some refreshments afterwards.

The event is being held of behalf of the Friends of Westminster Cathedral. Tickets are £10 so that the event can raise some funds for the current major works in the Cathedral. For tickets, phone the Friends of the Cathedral office on 020 7798 9059.

Whenever I visit the Cathedral, I always kneel and say a prayer at the shrine of St John Southworth where his body is clothed in priestly vestments. Here is a photo from the Westminster Cathedral website.

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