Blessing of Roses

Don Marco left a comment about the Blessing of Roses in his parish for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. He says,
It is customary in some places to bless roses on October 7th in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary. I intend to buy roses tomorrow: five pink roses for the Joyful Mysteries, five white for the Luminous Mysteries, five red for the Sorrowful Mysteries, and five yellow for the Glorious Mysteries. They will be placed before the image of the Blessed Virgin during Holy Mass and blessed after the Postcommunion. The petals of these blessed roses may be given to the sick or kept in the home as a pledge of the intercession of the Mother of God and of divine protection.
Then he gives a prayer of blessing.

Have a look at the blog called Vultus Christi. "Don Marco" is Father Mark Daniel Kirby, O.Cist., a Cistercian monk of the Abbey of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, which is located in Rome. He serves as chaplain to the Benedictines of Jesus Crucified at the Monastery of the Glorious Cross, in Connecticut.

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