Faith Magazine Sep-Oct 06

The September-October issue of Faith Magazine is now online. As ever, there are some excellent articles in it. The regular column by William Oddie, former editor of the Catholic Herald is interesting. He writes about the lack of interest in the press in this country in the appointment of Cardinal Bertone to the Secretariat of State. In his reflections, he refers to the appointment of Bishops in England and Wales:
Why was it, when nearly all the present bishops were appointed by Pope John Paul II, that so many of them seemed dedicated to frustrating his intentions? Why, in other words, had he made so many mistakes? The answer is that in recommending a priest to the Pope for appointment as bishop, the Congregation for Bishops in Rome is almost entirely dependent on the information relayed to it by the Apostolic Nuncio of the country concerned, who sends a report of about 20 pages, together with a list of three names (the terna) and his own preference. Why have we had overwhelmingly liberal bishops for the last 30 years? Because we have had liberal nuncios. Who appoints the nuncios? Why, the Secretary of State. Why has ‘doctrinal wisdom’ been one of the criteria the Pope considered in appointing Cardinal Bertone? Answers on a postcard: but there are no prizes for working it out.

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