Luzar exhibition

The catalogue for Luzar Vestments arrived today with an advertisement for the Annual Autumn Exhibition which is to be on Tuesday 7 November (9-5.30pm) at the London Oratory (St Joseph's Hall).

Richard Luzar does a large range of new and second-hand vestments and plate. People sometimes say that he is expensive although I think that is probably because some of the second-hand stock is accurately valued. I have bought several sets of vestments from him and find that they are very good. The quality of the 5-piece Roman Roman sets is outstanding at £395. (He isn't paying me for this post!)

He also does gothic vestments, including High Mass sets. These are great for my parish. For the Novus Ordo, my two deacons can wear the matching dalmatic and tunicle on major feasts. I also have everything needed for the (rare) occasions when I am able to offer Solemn Mass in the Classical Roman Rite.

The exhibition is an opportunity to see some of the stock displayed without having to travel up to Bicester. I should be able to go this year. I'm sure it will be one of those occasions when I will meet several friends.

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