French progressive liturgists comment

From Fr John Zuhlsdorf's blog What Does the Prayer Really Say?, I followed up the reference to an article in the French magazine Golias: La messe en latin officiellement de retour en novembre. The interesting thing about this article is that it is in a magazine that is firmly opposed to any liberalisation of the Classical rite. Here is a flavour of their commentary (my translation):
To replace Madonna with Chopin in the discotheques would contribute more to empty them than to fill them. That is not to say that there cannot and ought not to be Concert Halls as well. Nevertheless, an elitist liturgy (in Latin) would not mobilise an important number of faithful and on the contrary would make many others flee.

Further, the partisans of a liturgical restoration seem to ignore that which specialists like Dom Nocent, Mgr Martimort, Dom Vaggagini, Mgr Magrassi, and even a historian of worship even less suspect of progressivism like Dom Oury, monk of Solesmes, have never ceased to establish: the present mass is ... more authentically traditional than the ancient one.
Here's a suggestion. Let's have Madonna music in the Church and Gregorian chant in the chill-out room in the club...

Oh, sorry, it's already been done.

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