Catholic reform from Ximenes to Trent

Catholic Reform: from Cardinal Ximenes to the Council of Trent 1495-1563, by John C Olin is published by Fordham University Press. The main part of the book is a 47 page essay but the book also contains a number of source documents relevant to the topic and an extensive bibliography.

In the Introduction, the author refers to the reverasal of what was, until recently, the "standard" view of the reformation, namely that it resulted from the failure of the late medieval Church to satisfy aggrieved hearts and minds. I am interested in the sources that he cites but surprised that Eamonn Duffy's "The Stripping of the Altars" is not mentioned there or in the bibliography.
(There is a good reason for this - see the comment by Luke Gormally.)

The essay is intended to present a positive view of the reform within the Catholic Church, running parallel to the Protestant reformation and taking place before the "Counter Reformation" which was a response to it. I look forward to reading the essay.

PS Fr Stephen Langridge has a post mentioning Ximenes (Cardinal Cisneros) with pictures.

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