Classical rite rumours all day

I was up at Westminster Cathedral today, going to confession. The person before me just happened in God's providence to be Andrew, a frequent commenter here. After a spell in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and a visit to light candles in honour of St John Southworth, we had a chat in the Piazza. Andrew told me that he had received a text message from the Oratory about the possible universal indult for the Classical Rite.

Apparently also, a priest friend of mine had met Cardinal Zen on his recent visit and thanked his eminence for saying the Classical rite in China. H.E. then excitedly said that he had seen the motu proprio signed and that it would be issued shortly: end October or beginning November. (I leave the priest anonymous in case I have got all the details wrong :-))

At home, another priest came to visit this evening and told me of the article in the Times today. By this stage, I knew that it would be all over the blogosphere and I have just sat down to look through my usual list of blogs. I find that the Mulier Fortis has already posted on it. I recommend her post for a sensible account of the experience of a Catholic lay woman attending the Novus Ordo and the Classical Rite.

Now. Before it gets too late, a little analysis...

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